Music Synch
and Audio Branding

In Cascabel, we are music people!

Our main work-field is shared with inquisitive talents to help advertising
and creative branding agencies, find the right tone for their briefs through
non-traditional methods. We mainly work with Film / TV directors,
experimental designers, visual artists, and creatives.

What do we offer?

Musical Identity developing. Music Editing. Creative Music & Sound Curation. Licensing. Artists & Music Scouting. Sound Design. Briefing. Strategy advisory. Bespoke Playlists & Podcasts.

How do we do it?

Our team partner closely with our clients, work hard to understand them and their customers, and then design the right tone for each brief. We then work with our extensive network of music artists to bring each project to life with the best creative talent in the world. We don’t work with Music Libraries. We offer bespoke music compositions working with upcoming artists.

Each of the journeys that we take our clients begin with an extensive research and benchmarking, to find the right tone for their brief through non-traditional methods.


When it comes to the costs you need to consider:

a) Will it involve a music production to create a bespoke composition or will you use an existing song from our list of talented artists.

b) Secondly the media, the length of the song use, location and term length.



Budget Friendly

As our work mainly implicates up-and-coming artists this usually helps keep the license within budget.


Great Clients

We’ve enjoyed working with Rexona, Vodafone, Galeries Lafayette, Converse and more.

See our portfolio here.

Have a project you’d like
to discuss with us?

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Want to join the team?

If you are an artist and you want to join our team send us your music to