Creative Content. Bespoke Experiences. Sound Design. Personalised Events. Music Scouting. Cultural Programming. Landing Projects for Creative Industries. Creative Direction.

We create Meaningful Experiences, from Marketing and Brand Activations to Design and Communication, our international team produces solutions that excite and resonate, no matter what our clients’ requirements are.

A bridge between the arts and brands, Studio Cascabel conveys stories, ideas and emotions through uniquely informed visual and musical languages.

Whether it’s a brand activation, event production or a piece of content, our mission is to find the right note for brands, crafting experiences that connect our clients with their target audience.

What We Do
in Cascabel Studio

1. Brand Activations & Events

  • Handcraft Experiences.
  • Curated Events.
  • Venue Scouting.
  • Event Management.
  • End-to-end Production.
  • Brand Engagement & Awareness.
We create handcraft experiences and events to help position brands in the market and in the consumers' minds by attracting and emotionally engaging them in a personal experience.

Our mission is to find the right note for brands, crafting experiences that connect our clients with their target audience.
Brand Activations & Events

2. Creative Consultancy

  • Creative Content.
  • Digital Campaigns & Productions.
  • Cultural Programming.
  • Link with artists, musicians and performers.
We act as a bridge between Arts, Brands and Institutions.

We love to connect people and projects.

We offer strategy and crafting solutions across the creative, cultural and arts sectors.
Creative Consultancy

3. Music Services & Audio Branding

  • Sound Curation.
  • Musical Identity.
  • Music Scouting.
  • Customised Brand Radios.
  • Podcasts & Playlists.
  • Booking & Management of Artists.
We connect independent music artists to global brands for commercials, campaigns, films and series.

We constantly search for new sounds, looking to uncover the unexpected.

We deliver professional and highly creative sounds to enhance the story behind each visual project that comes our way.
Music Services & Audio Branding

4. Landing Project COMING ON! 2018

  • Landing Project for Argentinian Creative Entrepreneurs in London.
Workshop + Tour in London + Business plan
Open call 2018
for creative businesses already
established in Argentina.
You can
email to:
Landing Project COMING ON! 2018