Rexona - Music Scouting

TV Commercial Campaign for Brazil 2015

Cascabel was involved in the Music Scouting for a TV commercial for Rexona Invisible, coming up with an engaging vision and a fitting song by an emerging artist. The concept focused on the themes of action, movement, empowerment, and self-confidence, all through a distinctively fresh style.

Can sound make an ad more engaging and when is best to play a vibrant song?

From the moment we got the brief of this project we knew the final result was going to be super powerful. The script main idea was brilliant: compare the transpiration invisibility of Rexona Invisible customers to the rest of the objects they interact such as a bicycle, a chair, a steel beam or even the same product itself.

The goal for the director was to show the protagonists behaving the same way with or without them were missing some of the objects around therefor the music had to keep on going with the beat and the energy.

That is why we presented this very catchy and dynamic song to engage to the audience and maintain the intensity of the ad through the sound until the end.

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