One Day of Summer - Sound Curators. London Fashion Week 2018

Soundtrack curated by Cascabel

Cascabel Studio was in charge of curating the music for the fashion film ¨One Day of Summer¨, directed by Uldus Bakhtiozina for Naya Rea´s Summer Collection 2018-2019.

An invitation to a very own mystical world as a more unique and imaginative way of presenting the importance of fashion as a recipe of self-expression and motivation to share those fleeting moments when once a year young girls in Siberia can wear their beautiful summer clothes.

The difficulty of this brief was that we couldn´t see any of the footage before handpicking the song. The client also had a very tight budget, so we had to deliver a fresh and meaningful song that could showcase the story of this girls, in a very short period of time.

We decided to work with the visual artist, performer, and singer Dani Umpi and his album named Dramatica. From his record, we suggested working with Pet Shop Boys´”Rent” and “Killer” of Adam Tinley -Adamski- Seal, as well an extra song that was made only live “Who´s that girl” by Robyn. The director loved the idea of working with a romantic acoustic version to balance the cold weather of the very short northern summer. 

One Day of Summer has been part of London Fashion Week 2018, showcased at Vogue Italy and nominated for official screening in California Fashion Film Festival 2018.

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