Cascabel Manifesto

Cascabel, in Spanish, is a musical word, evoking a panoply of sounds, from the jingling of a bell to the rattling of a snake. We are passionate about crafting solutions for our clients that bring their unique stories and voices to the foreground, allowing them to communicate better and more efficiently.

We love listening – listening to our clients’ needs

And to the demands of their market, all to provide globally relevant results. We ask questions, we are curious, we watch and we observe in our artistic adventure to support every aspect of brand identity and communication.

We constantly search for new sights and sounds, looking to uncover the unexpected.

Each of the journeys that we take our clients on begins with extensive market research and benchmarking, followed by brand strategy and positioning, to find the right tone for our partners through non-traditional methods -brand activations, creative consultancy, event curation, music services to name but a few. Not only do we understand our clients, we understand how our clients’ customers think, consume and connect with brands. No matter the size of a project, we never lose sight of the needs and desires of target audiences, devising a carefully thought-out artistic & creative vocabulary that is inspirational, emotional and honest.


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We are always on the lookout for outstanding talent to join our team of designers, editors, writers, strategists, artists and producers collaborating in our studio. For career opportunities, please email your CV and portfolio to