Bespoke Music for IKEA tv campaign

Cascabel Studio was commissioned to create 3 original songs for a series of IKEA ads. 

Blur and Rebolucion have co-produced a campaign for IKEA Spain, alongside McCann & MRM/McCann.

The campaign consists of two 50″ main spots directed by Oscar-winning Armando Bo & Mike Usandivaras. 

As with IKEA’s previous campaigns, the living room within a home acts as the main set, and is supported by the claim that “IKEA fits everywhere”.

Both pieces simulate glamorous commercials about luxury watches (‘Tic-tac’) & classy jewellery (‘Shine’), & the films show beautiful, extravagant living rooms where IKEA furniture is perfectly integrated & goes absolutely unnoticed. Thus, IKEA proves its furniture can be easily integrated into any living space with any style. This message aims to shatter any prejudices the company had once been associated with.


All the music and part of the sfx were specially composed, arranged and produced by Cascabel Studio with the participation of 2 artists that we know a long time ago and who have been present since our launch in 2015: Nicolás Melmann and Candelaria Zamar, as well as Juan Belvis.