Cascabel Estudio

Diego Jalfen

Director & Co Founder

I'm a senior advertisement announcer on Radio, TV and Commercials. Ongoing voice for big brands and companies such as ICBC, Movistar, Fiat, Pringles, MercadoLibre and many more.

I have been graduated from ISER as a professional voice over, working in the Advertising Field for more than 20 years. I co-founded Cascabel Studio & Radio where I act as the Chief Account Executive. I am also in charge of directing and producing radio shows and cultural programming. I love to approach clients with fresh and clever ideas.

Estefania Panizza

Creative Director & Co Founder

I am a passionate art director with an impeccable eye for layout and detail. Having a background in Graphic Design, I have been working in the creative field of worldwide projects since 2015.

I co-founded Cascabel Studio & Radio where I manage a team of freelance designers, photographers and artists working for a wide range of projects. I am in charge of the event side and productions. I love to represent brands globally with forward thinking ideas and  business strategies individually tailored.